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Notes of Hope is so grateful to all of the amazing and talented artists who have donated their time and gifts to help us “play-it-forward” to Boston’s healthcare heroes.

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Featured Musicians

Off Label
Shira Doron, MD
Roger Fielding, Ph.D.
Dan Wiener, MD
Pinak “Binny” Shah, MD
Tony Callini, Doctor of “infectious beats”

“Thank you, thank you! I’m listening from Brookline, MA. That was magnificent and healing after a long week caring for patients with COVID-19 and their families at my hospital.
Each time I tune in, the combination of the musical offering  itself and the applause filling the screen at the end makes my heart surge, and I feel so grateful for the creativity and warmth you all are sharing with us.

KRISTEN G. SCHAEFER  | MD, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Dana Farber Cancer Institute

“Thank you. So beautiful and much appreciated.”


“Thank you Notes of Hope ? Very supportive during this difficult time?
JOANNE BOSCH | Physical Therapist, BWH Performing Arts Clinic

“Kudos and gratitude from a Boston doctor.”

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